Mar 28, 2011

A Local Wikileaks ?

We have every other franchise there is, why not Wiki leaks?

I have a proposal for fighting corruption in Jordan, it may sound funny, but it has definitely proven its worth elsewhere in the world. Wiki leaks. Corruption in Jordan is one of the most immanent dangers that face the society and always tops any reform agendas, both the political and economical ones. My proposal is a non-governmental body that can collect evidence of corruption without the disclosure of the identities of the people who provide it. This may be by means of the Internet,  a hotline and even a postal address. This can make it easier for people to come forward with substantial evidence against corrupted officials who abuse authority and dig into the taxpayers money without jeopardizing their careers by revealing their identities thus putting themselves in the face of the threats that must hold them back from coming forward with this proof in the first place.

I really think this can be done, and his worked very well for Julian Assange's real-deal. Why shouldn't it work for corruption in Jordan?

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