Mar 26, 2011

We're Barely out of the Jungle

The 24th of March started off as a normal rainy day for me at work, doing my rounds, here and there. I got off work early, as I always do on Thursdays, and thought I had enough time for one of my favorite things; a social experiment. The youth of Egypt had, and still do, surprised me, their revolution that started a short was a huge wake-up call to me, it made me think and gave me optimism. I used to think I was older than my age, seemingly I was largely mistaken, and there a lot of people who share my "mature" opinions.

My social experiment observed peaceful demonstrations that called for political reform, for a better Jordan. And above all, I can say with a high degree of certainty that the #1 Jordanian social problem, that is the Jordanians of Palestinian origins vs. Eastern Jordanians, has been effectively overlooked and as a people we can see that this can no longer stand in our way as a society.

As a child, one of my most vivid memories is sitting on my dad's shoulders as we strolled happily through Hyde Park in London on Sunday mornings. Listening to people saying that next Tuesday was the end of the world, or a Muslim standing on a rickety chair convincing his listeners how Jews own the world, with a Jew standing near by saying the exact same words about the Illuminati. I admit I didn't listen too well to any of them, as my highlight of the day began when we reached the other side of the park, where the ice-cream man was!

We like to call ourselves sophisticated, open and mature, and our government likes to think they are too, but amidst the glamor of our Queen and the hi-tech talk of our King, and after my "social experiment" turned brutal I can say; we're not sophisticated, or hi-tech .. we're barely out of the jungle ..

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