May 6, 2011

The Painful Reality

The painful reality that was exposed by the recent Arab revolutions against their dictatorships is a very painful one, it is a reality that Arabs in general have been ruled for years by monarchies of dictators that hog absolute power and do not take "no" for an answer. The reality says that as democracy has grown in the world in the past few decades it has grown scarce in the Arab world. These dictatorship monarchies have reached the state at which they cannot even begin to fathom that the people who were always seen as a pathway are actually the ones who give them their legitimacy, and once you lose that legitimacy you are no longer a rightful representative of the people.

Giving people their rights, and listening to their voices is not something you should do expecting a Nobel prize for. Personally, I despise their attitudes. Arab regimes have only just began to give their people part of their rights, and that in itself is painful. Why does it have to take bloodshed, killing by the hundreds, mass demonstration and army deployment to give people their rights, rights they should have been given a long time ago. These regimes do not deserve a second chance, they do not deserve sympathy and definitely do not deserve to stay in power. They have ruled for years on end without changing anything and suddenly, feeling the heat, see the need for reform. This in itself is the painful reality.

Democracy should never be a privilege, it is a right.

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