Feb 28, 2011

Were the Arabs the First to Actually Benefit from Wikileaks ?

Wikileaks is not a new idea anymore, it has been around for a good few years now. The revolutionary whistle-blower website opened eyes around the world to what was happening "behind closed curtains". Many of the cable messages that were originally sent between the American government and its embassies around the world did not really carry anything too surprising, what it did carry was a reminder of what things really look like.

Politics is, was, and never will be a see through issue, however much we are told by our governments that they are. And for anyone with half a brain, the wikileaks cables weren't much more than a wake-up call, reminding us of the dark side if politics, the side your not supposed to know about.

Arab governments have forever fed their people with ideas of nationalism, superiority and meaningless conspiracy theories which Arabs have become obsessed with, ones very similar to the one Gaddafi is trying to feed his people. What wikileaks actually did for the Arab world was remind them that their own governments are the ones to blame for things that are going wrong and that not everything is a Zionist/American/... conspiracy. This has caused a slight change in the Arab mentality, one that has been coming for years, but was triggered at last.

Wikileaks thank you for starting it !

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